Welcome to BigPhotos

Big Photos is a collective of individuals that express themselves through photography. We are not commercial photographers. We capture images of life through the lens of a camera. We assembled this group to use photography as a way to communicate through nonverbal means.

The images that we capture can speak volumes. The captured images can communicate much more effectively and directly. We believe photography to be an art. We strongly believe that art has no rules or standards. We do not take a typical photographic approach. We throw away rules and standards. Take from the images whatever you wish, it is your perception.

We welcome the comments of all. We ask that the comments stay relative to that of a photographic nature. Each member of BigPhotos capture images that move them personally. We are a collective, but individuals of thought. So if it is traditional photography you wish to see, it will not be found here.

We ask that you join us on our travels and share our experience. Come with an open mind and leave us with a renewed perception of life. Tell your friends about BigPhotos. We are regular people who communicate through the lens of a camera.

 BigPhotos. Real People.

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